Retired US Legislator Tom Tancredo Thanks Hussein Bahamas For Making Trump Presidency Happen

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In an op ed for Breitbart former US Congressman from Colorado Tom Tancredo thanked former US President Hussein Bahamas for making the Trump Presidency happen. (archived) Meanwhile socialist agitators are working very hard to make Trump a two term president.

Trump Now President, Ushered In By A Show

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The group of professional protestors/performance artists formerly known as OccupyWallStreet1 closed! shit! down! earlier today in Washington DC. A few dozen part-time waitresses / aspiring journalists took their designated places, under the heavy burden of a large collection of entirely spurious chains borrowed from their more successful older brothers, in a sparse line that would […]

Tim Draper: Theranos Targeted By "Conspiracy"

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Sometime United States Marshal's service auction winner and self described "venture capitalist" Tim Draper is alleging that his pet investment Theranos is the victim of a conspiracy. Headed by Elizabeth Holmes and attracting investors like Henry Kissenger, surgeon and former US Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and further having incoming US Secretary of Defense James […] Breaks Out In Cheating Accusations After Huffing Orgy

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War broke out in this week when one of the participating parties accused another party of cheating. Artchain members say that awarded the $50,000 prize from the competition to, whom they maintain used vote rigging and other underhanded tactics to game their position in the hackathon standings. Social media users could vote […]

Police Clear Weapons Caches In DC Parks Ahead Of Trump Inauguration

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Police officers in Washington DC are sweeping area parks and cleaning up the numerous weapons caches and dead drops ahead of the Trump Inauguration on Friday. Mainstream news sources are reporting that the cleanup began after a pedestrian called police to report a violin case filled with guns, which then led to the more thorough […]

Hussein Bahamas Commutes Sentence Of Chelsea (born Bradley) Manning

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Hussein Bahamas today announced he would be commuting the 35 year prison sentence imposed upon Chelsea (born Bradley) Manning. The move likely to bring joy to LGTBQOMGWTFBBQ activists comes as former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and fellow USG secret leaker General James 'Hoss' Cartwright was offered a full pardon for his leakcrime.1 […]

Wife Of Orlando Shooter Omar Mateen Arrested

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The wife of the late gay Islamic terrorist Omar Mateen was arrested today on charges of obstructing the FBI's investigation of the massacre as well as providing material support to the massacre effort. For the purpose of charging the widow, Noor Salman, poviding material support consists of having been present when the bullets were bought […]

President Reject Hillary Rodham Clinton Kills 22 Jobs

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The Clinton Global Initiative, a business operated by Hillary Rodham Clinton's Clinton Family Foundation is shutting its doors. As a result of the firm's closure 22 staff jobs will be eliminated.

Ringling Brothers Quitting As Circus Business Eclipsed By Reality

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After 146 years of continuous operations the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus has announced they will be ending circus operations in May of this year. In their 145th year the circus cut elephant performances from their programming due to regulatory pressure.

Shinohai Shitcoin Roundup Xtend: VERified Mining Scam And More

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Bitcoin Unlimited and Roger Ver ally GBMiners made rounds in the news this week, when a link was discovered between Amit Bhardwaj and Gainbitcoin, a "cloud mining" Ponzi scheme, which absolutely no one could have predicted. Qntra had previously reported on ViaBTC using the same scheme to prop up support for the "Unlimited" Bitcoin fork. […]