USG.NSA Head Rogers Perjured Self On Eavesdropping

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During a hearing on Monday Mike Rogers, head of the USG.NSA testified along side FBI Director James Comey that US President Donald Trump and his team were emphatically not eavesdropped upon. This was followed on Wednesday with the revelation from House Intelligence Committee chair that not only was there tremendous eavesdropping, the traditional redaction and […]

Vermont Residents On State Run Job Board Hacked

shinohai - March 23, 5:36 a.m.expand v

Roughly 200,000 people in the US sub-territory of Vermont had their personal data stolen in a breach of the Vermont Job Link website according to the State's Labor Commissioner Lindsay Kurrie. The website is used by persons applying for unemployment benefits and allows employers to post job listings for those seeking employment. While the hack […]

Buttfunex Diversifying Bespoke "Butt Fun" Offerings While Walking Away From BTC

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Buttfunex has introduced new scam tokens allowing users to bet on the future of a chain split between Power Range Coin and Roger Ver-ified UnlimitedSpamCoin. The "Chain Split Tokens" as they are called will be issued as follows: BCC tokens, which will represent the "Bitcoin Core" fork BCU tokens, which will represent the "Bitcoin Unlimited" […]

Relics Of American "Great Again" Found In Mexico

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The jerseys worn by Patriots quarterback Tom Brady during Super Bowl LI were located in Mexico after it was taken from the locker room by a member of the "international media" after the game. Super Bowl LI was a passion play in which Tom Brady and his New England Patriots defeated the Atlanta Falcons despite […]

Armed Guard At German Grocer Kills Man In Saint Louis

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Over the weekend an armed guard at a colonial location of the German Grocery giant Aldi killed a customer suspected of shoplifting at an Aldi outpost in North Saint Louis City. The suspect, killed over store branded groceries was pronounced dead at the scene. This shooting follows a Friday meeting between German chancellor Angela Merkel […]

Shinohai's Shitcoin Roundup Xtend: BTU Breakage Heat, Zcash Instamine Lulz, And More

shinohai - March 18, 10:53 p.m.expand v

The "Bitcoin Unlimited" development team will be releasing their token, $BTU, on April Fool's day of this year in what will surely be hailed as one of the most fitting release dates for a team ever. Unlimited node count dropped significantly this week after the discovery of a remote crash vulnerability. Core developer Greg Maxwell […]

Bitcoin Mining Difficult Goes Up ~3.24% In Newest Adjustment

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Today Bitcoin mining difficulty increased ~3.24 percent from 460769358090.71423340 to 475705205061.62921143 for yet another all time high. The magnitude of increase is down slightly from the last two adjustments of ~4.535 and ~4.4 percent. US dollars continue trading under 1/1100th of a Bitcoin on fiat centered fiat/Bitcoin interfaces as fiat malaise continues.

Remington Outdoor To Lay Off 120 After Greatest Salesperson Departs

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Remington Outdoor, an American firearms manufacturer announced this week they would be laying off 120 employees. These layoffs were spurred by a precipitous drop in firearms sales related to a drop in hype after their greatest salesman Hussein Bahamas walked away from the job.

Amazon Rolls Out An Index Librorum Prohibitorum

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Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon recently compared the ongoing controlled demolition of Europe by marauding orc hordes to a scenario portrayed in an obscure novel, The Camp of the Saints (1973) by Jean Raspail. The response by Amazon, the world's foremost peddler of DRM-laden electronic chumpware "books" was swift, merciless, and mindblowingly "original" : let's […]

"Bitcoin" (Altcoin) Unlimited Experiences Drop In Node Count Due To Remote Crash Vulnerability

davout - March 14, 4:36 p.m.expand v

The "Bitcoin Unlimited" node count experienced a very sharp ~65% drop around 7:30 PM UTC as a remote-crash vulnerability was made public on Twitter. The node count, as reported by, fell to 259 from a previous measurement of 764 moments earlier. The actual vulnerability is a result of the ineptitude of the "Bitcoin Unlimited" […]