Echos Of The Great Again: France Pits Moderate Populist Against Hard Left Socialist In General Election

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This weekend France conducted the first round of their presidential elections narrowing the field to moderate populist Marine Le Pen and hard left socialist Macron. Le Pen was identified  by Qntra as the favorite to become the next French president back in June of 2016. Macron on the other hand is a long time member […]

"Terror In Their Hearts" Syrian Refugees Settled In North Saint Louis Seek New Refugee Status Due To Neighbourhood Violence

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This week Saint Louis radio station KMOX allegedly received a letter from Syrian refugees settled in North Saint Louis which they translated as stating the refugees had "terror in their hearts" following a home invasion. Further allegations per the radio station's aired portions of the translation include: The locals who participated in the home invasion […]

Plastc – Crowdfunded "Credit Card Of The Futures" Goes SFYL

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Backers of fiat vaporware company Plastc are feeling the sting of a 9 Million USD Sorry For Your Loss after their pre-orders were abruptly cancelled this week when executives announced instead a shutdown and bankruptcy filing. The company, which once promised consumers one credit and debit card to rule all their various cards, lost two […]

Elon Musk Presents Tesla Motors Presents: Parking Brake Recall

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Tesla Motors, an Elon Musk Production presents a recall of Model X minivans and Model S sedans over a parking brake manufacturing flaw which may lead the parking brake to fail to disengage. When this manufacturing flaw is realized the affected vehicle's parking brake engages and due to mechanical failures can not be disengaged without […]

Balance Of Buttfunex "Cold Storage" Address Down 50 kiloBitcoin And Falling

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Bitfinex death watch continues with the address declared to be their "cold storage" down 50,000 Bitcoins and counting. This comes as Buttfunex's fait banking partners have ceased processing fiat withdrawals from this fiat emphasized fiat/Bitcoin interface. Sorry for your loss… butt fun while it lasted.

Shinohai's Shitcoin Roundup Xtend (TM)(R): Monero Ring Solution, Coinbase Presents GDAX Has Goxlike Phenomenon, And Another Hoaxtoshi

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A site surfaced recently known as "Monero Link" and claims to be able to uncover the precious ring signatures that have made Monero the darling of reddit privacy tards and users of darknet markets. The Coinbase fiat interface GDAX suffered a bug on Sunday that sent Bitcoin prices plummeting down to $0.06 BTC/USD1 following "schedule […]

Twin Suicides Grip USian Psyche

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The suicides of Easter Manhunt subject and "social worker" Steve Stephens and Patriots handegger Aaron Hernandez are dominating today's news cycle in the Anglophone bantustan north of Mexico. The slaughtering social worker went an hero when he was cornered by police trying to get some McNuggets to satisfy his obeastial rather than murderous urges. The […]

Buttfunex's Fiat Banking Partners Move Towards Becoming Ex's

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Bitfinex self reported that their fiat-side banking partners in the Republic of China1 are going to soon stop doing banking work for them on the bank's initiative. This is in line with the other China's attitude towards their fiat emphasized fiat/Bitcoin interfaces. Sorry for your loss, butt fun while it lasted. also known as Taiwan, […]

Easter Manhunt In US

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Americans are kept awake as an alleged serial killer eludes law enforcement for more than half a day on what is commonly referred to by hypocrites as the anniversary of their lord's resurrection. Many notice the disconnect between NSA's supposed ability to spy on everybody, and the ongoing inability of the agency to catch a […]

Civil Unrest Continues in Berkeley – Antifa Terrorists Deploy Chemical Weapons

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Today in Berkeley, California patriotic Americans were again accosted by establishment leftists. The establishment leftists were clad in black and wearing markings suggesting allegiance to the hate filled socialist antifa movement. The patriotic Americans were attending a planned rally in support of the version of Donald Trump that was elected president when the establishment leftists […]