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BtcAlpha is a hobby to help me find alpha in bitcoin finance.

Data Sources

A big thank you to those running these services.

Source Data Reference
bitcoin charts 24 hour weighted BTC/USD Api Documentation
MPEx MPEx Market Data Data Feeds
bitcoin-assets MPEx Trade History Trade Socket

How to Trade

There are two ways to trade the stocks and derivatives listed on MPEx (I am not affiliated with either of these). The easiest by far is to get an account on CoinBr. CoinBr is a broker with low fees, customer support, and full trading functionality.

The other is to buy a seat on MPEx. This is akin to getting a seat on the NYSE. It is expensive and designed to be completely secure, not user-friendly. The fee is currently 30 BTC, although you can get 5 BTC off the price with a referral (read more).

Stock Analysis

The stock analysis pages show a host of statistics that can help you evaluate the health and performance of each company.

How are the statistics calculated?

These statitiscs are based on the company's performance for the last six months. They are then annualized. Picking the time range is a balance because most of these companies are very volatile. Too short and they swing wildly with each month. Too long and they aren't relevant - bitcoin companies can change drastically over the course of a year.

P/E Price to Earnings is the last share price divided by the annualized company earnings
Dividend Yield The sum of company dividends divided by the last share price.
Share Turnover Share turnover is a measure of a stock's liquidity. It is the number of shares that traded divided by the number of outstanding shares in the company.

These statistics are calculated from the most current data available.

Market Cap The last share price times the number of outstanding shares in the company
Fully Diluted Market Cap Some companies have issued stock warrants. The fully diluted cap is the number of shares plus the number of warrants times the last share price.
P/B Price to Book is the last share price divided by the companies current assets minus liabilities